Blackjack game has been around for many decades and the game is becoming more popular among table game lovers. Many variants of the game was designed to let players enjoy the blackjack game is a different way. This variant of blackjack usually come with extra features like side bets. This bet is a form of side bet that is featured in some variants of blackjack like the popular Spanish 21. In a match the dealer bet, you will be required to ascertain if your cards will match with the face-up card of dealer or both. So, if you just discovered match the dealer bet, then this article is a must-read for you. Visit for more related topics.

Though the basic rules of this side bet differ from blackjack variants to the other, however, it is still simple and straightforward. For instance, when you are wagering on some blackjack games, you can only cash out for an unsuited or suited match, while in some games you can cash out only for one or two cards that matched. Also, the house advantage in this type of bet depends on the number of card decks. One of the most popular online blackjack variants that have this bet type is Pirate 21, which uses six decks of cards. Spanish 21 also uses six decks of cards but the 10 points cards are eliminated. Check for more.

Match the Dealer Payout

It will be a great idea if you understand the possible payout in this bet. Though this kind of bet might not be the most profitable kind of online blackjack bet, however, match the dealer side bet still pays out great. In this bet, you will have more advantage over the house because te bet has a house advantage of 3.5%. As a result, it is more likely that all your wagered money might return to you in the long run. When you play Spanish 21 Blackjack, you can stake a bet that one or two of your cards will match with the dealer's card in suit or rank. For example, a King matches with a King only or four matches with a four.

How to Play Match the Dealer Bet

Playing this type of bet is simple. First, a player is required to stake his bet before the game starts. The bet limit usually ranges between $1 and $1000. To stake your bet, you will need to choose from the common Spanish 21 bets. The payout in the bet differs from one another. One non-suited and the suited match will pay 15 to 1, 2 suited matches pay 24 to 1, Two non-suited matches will pay 6 to 1, and 1 suited match pays 12 to 1. Furthermore, in Pirate 21 blackjack, the dealer often hit on the soft 17, which gives them more advantage. Nevertheless, you can choose to hit or double on split aces or you can even re-split.

What you should consider before playing this bet

Blackjack Game is undoubtedly one of the popular casino table games with the lowest house advantage. The motive behind the Match the Dealer bet is to raise the casino house edge, which means more profits for them. Match the Dealer bet gives players more exciting and fun-filled gaming experience. However, we will advise that you continue staking on the original bet, and avoid playing additional side bet. The reason is that this type of bet usually gives a low payout but regular victories. Additionally, it raises the casino house edge. Nevertheless, if you want to catch some fun without affecting your bankroll, then you can consider the match the dealer bet. Play this bet with the cash you can afford to lose.


Our Final Verdict

We have discussed some basic rules you need to understand before getting started with match the dealer side bet. We also discussed the payouts and rules. Also, you should understand how to play the game before you opt-in for this type of bet. Additionally, we gave some tips that you should consider before playing this bet. On a final note, we would like you to remember that the purpose of this bet is to predict if one or two of your cards will match the dealer's cards, either in a suit or rank. If any of your card matches, then the bet is won, otherwise, you lose. Nevertheless, base on players' preference, we recommend that you make research before you go for this side bet.